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Part 3: P is for patience and perfection

I can’t believe it’s taken me two whole years to post here again. Here’s the sequel, late, but better than never.

In that time, I have taken a long detour in my book journey. I can’t say much, apart from the fact that the rest of the series nearly didn’t see the light of day. Now I’m awaiting the release of the last book.

More importantly, I finally managed to grow some touch-me-nots.

The pot on the left was from a grow-kit and the base is coco-peat. The seedling on the right was from a seed plucked from the roadside. By the way, plants are very much like children in that they need the right environment or growing medium to thrive. Put them in the wrong type of soil or water too much and they will wither.

I’ve grown so much over the last two years, from not being able to identify a mimosa seed, to successfully germinating a plant from seed (and keeping it alive).

These were grown at the start of the circuit breaker here in Singapore, as the government introduced measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

When it was announced that the partial lockdown was to be extended, it was as if you could hear a colossal groan across the nation. The seedlings were just millimetres high then, when I thought to myself, “I could groan through this, or I could grow through this”.

The last two years of growing through pain have taught me this.

Failure, disappointment, stark revelation, depression and sorrow... I‘ve tasted these in the years since.

And like the mimosa which I killed, many things in the old me had to die before they could be “resurrected” in new form.

This is how much I’ve changed over the years and the transformation is pretty visible to me.

Interestingly, during the circuit breaker when nearly everything was shuttered, things started opening up for me. I went on TV (speaking Chinese!) and was featured in a magazine. I also managed to sell several dozen copies of my books.

Sometimes things have to die, sometimes you just don’t have the energy to upkeep a blog for two years. But in that period of being hidden, growth is taking place.

I just have to be patient as I undergo this process of renewal and restarts in the journey towards perfection.

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